The Atom Model – Social Learning Sphere

Atom model concept by demind

After careful evaluation, plans are made for the implementation of the prototype in the field. The guiding principle in this process is matching the prototype to the possible. Steps are designed for the realisation to take place. Questions such as who, where, and how many are answered. Needles to say, this takes place in a dialogue between the external stakeholders and the participants. Depending on the circumstances, either a full realisation of the prototype can take place, or a detailed blueprint is created. The aim is to design a plan of how to implement the prototypes. The plan must be realistic and sufficiently detailed for others to put it into practice. The next step is the realisation of the prototype if possible within the given frames.

The Social Learning Sphere is primarily perceived as the social relations and the collaboration between students. In cores of the Atom Model, students work with solutions for real-world challenges and for them to dare to present creative solutions, it is our experience that the Social Learning Sphere, security and mutual trust among group members are essential. All activities in this section will foster the Social Learning Sphere.


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