Anecdote – ‘The Story’

Author: Aleix Barrera, Diego Castro, David Rodriguez-Gomez
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to identify similar and divergent characteristics in team actions.
30-60 min
20-40 students
Padlet and virtual whiteboard


1. The teacher briefly describes a situation in the form of a ‘case study’. This situation must represent a typical organizational moment, scenario, or context (e.g., some kind of conflict that usually occurs or an anecdote that can plausibly occur). The description of the case must specify the starting situation, the processes to deal with it and the decisions and the solution adopted.

2. After the presentation of the anecdote (or ‘case’), each of the group members must specify individually:

  • 1st: what would they do in a similar situation and why?
  • 2nd: what would they do differently and why?

3. The teacher collates all the answers to the first question and groups the responses that are similar. The teacher then collates all the responses that are different, discordant or contradictory.

4. The groups analyze the actions that are most pertinent to the organizational model and institutional culture and reach a consensus on collegial action to be taken.


This type of activity can help students to identify and diagnose the culture of the team and to enable them to act to improve some cultural practices. It also allows for the analysis of the degree of coherence in the team culture which guides actions and strategies.