Check in

Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to encourage the development of social relations in the social learning space to prepare the students for the innovation process. This activity creates a ‘safety net’ for students and may also contribute to improve student focus on the task at hand.
20-30 min.
2-40 students.
Virtual whiteboard


1. The teacher uses a number of methods to encourage as many students as possible to speak on how they feel about a learning topic. The participants are asked to write an “S” in the chat if they want to speak up about the topic at hand, or a “Q” if they have a question to what the current speaker is saying. Find other abbreviations as needed for either language or other. It is essential that the students who are not speaking are respectful and listen attentively to the individual speaking, however, they are permitted to ask questions.

2. Students are asked to share their thoughts, feelings and concerns using the following prompts for their answers:

• How are they feeling right now? Do they have any private, professional or practical concerns, which may influence the lesson?

• Do they have any particular questions concerning the day’s topic, which they would like to ask?

• Do they have any information or knowledge they wish to share regarding the day’s topic?

3. If the lesson is part of a course, the students may take time to reflect on the course and the latest lesson. Are there any reflections from the latest lesson regarding materials used or how lessons were taught?


After each lesson, the teacher may appoint students, who are responsible for preparing something that builds the online community for the class which should take ten to fifteen minutes to complete.