Code of Collaboration

Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to create a code of collaboration to strengthen the social relations within a group during the innovative learning processes. The group can be a project-group or a class.
1-2 hours.
5-30 students
A virtual whiteboard


1. The students are asked to write down (on computer/paper), what they think are the most important elements that make up a good learning experience.

2. The students share their thoughts with the rest of the class, either vocally or on a shared virtual whiteboard/Padlet.

3. The teacher stresses the importance of sharing their perspectives and valuing them, so they understand one another and the different needs they may have.

4. The teacher and the students create learning objectives which all students should respect. These are made into a ‘code of collaboration’ which all students must agree to, and digitally sign.

5. The teacher uploads the code in the class’s digital folder, where it is accessible to all.

6. The teacher and the students should review and adjust the code after periods of conflict and discussions about changing expectations.