From 16 down to 1

Author: Jonas Ørts Hansen
Facilited by the teacher
To be innovative, it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses, but also understand your peers. Can be used as a starting point for project groups to get to know each other before working together through the 6 elements.
1,5- 2 hours
20-40 students


1. Start with a brief introduction to personality traits, and what that can mean for both a group setting, but also what it means to be innovative.

2. Have all the students fill out the personality test on

3. Give the students 20 minutes to read the ‘Strength and Weaknesses’ and ‘Workplace Habits’ sections and take notes of the most and least accurate to how they see themselves. If they have time left, they can read some of the other sections too.

4. Put the students into groups using and give them 30minutes to discuss what they think this personality means for them in a project setting.

5. This exercise can be a starting point for the project-group that work together during the 6 elements in order to let them get to know each other. The perfect group size 2-4.

6. In plenum have the students talk about what they learned of this exercise, and what they think they can use from this information regarding solving problems, both alone as in groups.