Methodology and Atom model

Atom model concept by demind

The Atom Model that was developed within the ForEMLink project. It is a way of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in Higher Education on a local, national, European and global scale. The aim is to promote entrepreneurial competencies in higher education students through learning processes that teachers can facilitate with creative, innovative and entrepreneurial activities placed in each phase of the Atom Model and its challenges. The Atom Model contains a process and activities that teachers can use to facilitate the development of entrepreneurship in students. It is based on a partnership perspective on how one may integrate entrepreneurship as a natural element in the preparation of Higher Education didactics.

D-EMIND will focus on further development of the digital sphere of the on-site Atom model that fosters an entrepreneurial mindset (creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving) among students. The digital sphere of the Atom model will be developed by building on the existing experiences with the methodology.

D-EMIND methodology