Know the role

Author: Jonas Ørts Hansen
Facilited by the teacher
To let the student get a feeling for group/business dynamics and what aspects are important. Can be used as a starting point for project groups to get to know each other before working together through the 6 elements.
1,5- 2 hours
5- 40 students


1. Start with a brief introduction to personality traits, and what that can mean for both a group setting, but also what it means to be innovative.

2. Have all the students fill out the personality test on

3. Ask the students to think of all the different roles/responsibilities they can identify in regard to group work/business. There are no boundaries on which roles are allowed to write down.

4. Have the students gather in their project groups (use breakout rooms) and write up all the roles they have written down.

5. Have each group map out what roles they have internally in the group. One person can have more than one role.

6. Have each group discuss internally which of the unfulfilled roles are important to fill out, and how they want to fill out that role.

7. Have a class discussion regarding roles, and what roles are important for a group to be successful.

8. Have a discussion on the topic of how to fill a role that is not naturally within the group.