Keep talking behind my back

Author: Jonas Ørts Hansen
Facilited by the teacher
To create an environment where the students feel safe sharing their expectations and/or concerns.
30 min.
20-40 students
Breakout rooms in Teams/Zoom


1. The students are presented with a discussion topic regarding the digital learning space. This could be

  • What is important for me to feel safe in a digital environment?
  • What is important that my co-student does so that I feel motivated?
  • How do I want to contribute to the social environment?

2. Each student writes down (computer/paper) one sentence regarding the discussion topic.

3. Pair the students into groups of 3 persons per group using

4. Student A presents their sentence to student B & C.

5. Student B & C have 5-10minutes to discuss the sentence presented by student A. Student A is not allowed to interrupt the discussion but is only allowed to take notes and listen/observe the discussion.

6. After the time is up (the 5-10minutes) the seats are swapped, and student B presents a topic for A & C to discuss.