Webinar 1: Promoting entrepreneurial skills in Higher Education

The partners of the D-EMIND project are happy and proud to organize a series of free-of-charge webinars dedicated to enhancing and promoting entrepreneurial skills in higher education. The first event of the series of webinars is focusing on entrepreneurial skills development through the prism of various projects, presented by outstanding experts of the field.


  • Introducing D-EMIND by CRIEDO-UAB (Spain)
  • Next Step & ForemLink by UCN (Denmark)
  • E.I.N.S by UCLL (Belgium)
  • C3 project by HSD (Germany)

If you are interested in entrepreneurial skills promotion and eager to learn more about it even at an international level – either as a researcher, teacher, trainer, student, or a company, don’t miss out your chance to learn more, and register here.