Kick-off meeting of D-EMIND

The first meeting of the ForEMLink project was held in Barcelona from March 21th to 23rd. The meeting aims to confirm the functions and responsibilities, as well as the attributions of tasks and budget, agree on the composition of the PAG, and initiate a discussion on the D-EMIND methodology.

Based on the developments of previous projects focused on on-site Entrepreneurship Education and considering the need to promote online or digital co-creation and entrepreneurial systems and dynamics due to the challenges evidenced by COVID-19 pandemic, the main aim of D-EMIND is to design, develop and test a digital challenge-based learning methodology, strategies, and tools for promoting entrepreneurial mindset in Higher Education..

Higher Education can play an active part establishing educational settings for students to create and co-create solutions while still being
students. Solving what you could call “real life problems” has a high potential in building “real life capacity” in students. This takes us to the core of D-EMIND and will allow us to meet the needs of our target groups (i.e., students, teachers, external organizations): developing an online methodology and providing a toolbox that facilitates real life projects in HE across curricula, borders, and disciplines. Internships and Students’ final projects in both, bachelors’ degree and masters’ degree are clear spaces where D-EMIND could become a key success factor.