Whiteboard rotation

Category: Explore
Author: Inspiration: www.sessionlab.com
Facilited by the teacher
Using multiple virtual whiteboards, participants float to different whiteboards to add their thoughts, contributions, or questions. Final whiteboards are discussed and reviewed.
10-30 min.
20-40 students 4-10 groups
A virtual whiteboard


1. Decide on the different topics the challenge must be explored on.

2. Set up as many rooms with a virtual whiteboard/Teams as you have different topics.

3. Share the different rooms with whiteboards with all participants.

4. Every participant visits each room with whiteboard to contribute assigned information: questions, opinions, processes, ideas, … The participant can look at the information which is already written on the whiteboard and can decide if he/she wants to add additional information, critical questions, pictures, …

5. Recommendation: Assign a specific amount of time for the entire session giving average times for each whiteboard, or create an announcement when participants must move on to the next whiteboard

6. After every whiteboard has been visited by all participants, start a full room discussion based on the information on the completed whiteboard. If necessary additional information can be added


Virtual whiteboards can be used for this, also Trello or Padlet can be used.
By dividing the topics over different rooms, participants have a chance to look at information other students have already shared and they can build further on that information. Every participant has a chance to think about the topics individually, making the final whiteboard a result of individual effort complemented with a group discussion.