User Journey Map

Category: Ideate
Author: Aleix Barrera, Diego Castro, David Rodriguez-Gomez
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to visualise the process that a person or user goes through to accomplish a goal.
60 min
10-40 students
Whiteboard, pen, paper and post-its


1. The teacher explains what the purpose of a Journey Map is and why it is important to create one.
2. The Team members identify and compile a series of user actions into a timeline – they should try to narrow it to 8-15 actions. (15-20 mins)
3. Participants should now group all the actions into phases (3 to 7 phases in total) and label them from the users’ perspective. (10-15 mins)
4. Participants must now think about the user’s thoughts and emotions which could promote or inhibit progress in each action and/or phase. (15 -20 mins)
5. Participants should try to organize and visualize all the ideas of their user journey map – they can draw it or use post-it notes(computer/paper). (10 mins)
6. The facilitator should spend time at the end to share and reflect on the different maps with the groups.


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