Use the Word

Category: Ideate
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to produce ideas and solutions for the challenge.
10-20 min
10-40 students
A virtual whiteboard and virtual word cards.


1. The teacher demonstrates the task to the students and shows them how to use the word generator.
2. Each of the students pick one word by generating it themselves.
3. The teacher encourages the students to read the word and asks students to think about the following question: Do you have any ideas for the development of the solution for the challenge in the core of the model?
• If yes – the students put down the ideas.
• If no – the students generate another word.
4. The teacher concludes the activity and stresses that all ideas must be retained as they may prove useful for the challenge.


If the students do not have virtual word cards, they could also make a list of 40 random words and
give them numbers. The students could then pick a random number and read the word that
corresponds to that number.
Words to ideate from can be found from this link:
This activity allows the students to perceive the challenge from a different perspective. It urges
students to employ lateral thinking – like divergent thinking - which involves them stepping away
from the logical and linear forms of reasoning to search for original and creative solutions to