The Idol

Category: Ideate
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to develop ideas that have been inspired by a role model.
5-10 min.
10-40 students
A virtual whiteboard and phone/computer


1. The students are asked to close their eyes and are asked to think of the last person who have made an impression on them. A person they look up to, who they are inspired by, who they see as a role model or an idol.
2. The students are asked what the idol would suggest in relation to the challenge in the core.
3. The teacher gives the students 5 minutes to reflect on the question. After 5 minutes the students may open their eyes again.
4. The students are encouraged to put down (on phone/computer) their ideas they thought of during the reflection period.
5. The teacher and students share and review on the virtual whiteboard the ideas generated and assess whether they are possible solutions for the challenge.


The activity can also be carried out with the student’s eyes open if it makes them more comfortable.
This activity will challenge students’ thinking in perceiving a problem from a perspective different to
their own. In addition, the activity creates the possibility of becoming more open-minded
concerning the development of ideas, as the students are tasked with thinking as someone else to
generate solutions to a problem.