The Elevator Pitch

Category: Realise
Author: Ilse Fraussen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to persuade the audience to buy, invest or collaborate in your product.
20-30 min.
10-40 students 2-15 groups
A virtual room Teams/Zoom


1. The students create a pitch that include the answers to these 8 points, which should be covered in one minute:

a. Who you are and what your role is?

b. Any relevant background

c. The problem that you are solving

d. References

e. The phase of the challenge

f. What is the added value for your audience, your customers?

g. Customize your pitch to the person you are talking to

h. You conclude your pitch with a specific question.

2. The students pitch their idea/product in a virtual room for the group/students


Additional help on pitching can be found at