The 5 W’s – Who? – What? – When? – Why? – Where?

Category: The Challenge
Author: Ilse Fraussen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to get clear view of the challenge by identifying key information.
10-20 min
20-30 students 4-15 groups
A virtual whiteboard


1. The teacher creates groups of 2-5 students before entering the process.

2. The teacher creates five boxes on the virtual whiteboard. Each box should contain one of the five following questions:

  • WHO is involved in the challenge, who is it meant for and who will make decisions?
  • WHAT do you want to achieve in the challenge, what do the customers want, what is the context and what is the purpose
  • WHEN does the challenge start and when does it have to be delivered?
  • WHY is the challenge important and why are you involved in it
  • WHERE will the product be used?

3. The students review the questions and put their answers in each of the boxes.

4. The students review the answers and identifies key information for the challenge.


The activity could be done using online tools such as Padlet, Trello, a virtual whiteboard and breakout rooms in Teams/Zoom.


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