Sticky Dots

Category: Ideate
Author: Ilse Fraussen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to use thought-showering to quickly create the best ideas for a challenge.
5-10 min.
10-40 students
A virtual whiteboard and virtual sticky dots


1. The students thought shower their ideas for the challenge and write them on the virtual whiteboard. They should give a short explanation of each idea they suggest.
2. All ideas are collected in a shared document where all participants can edit.
3. All students are given 3 virtual “sticky dots” each which they place on the ideas they prefer. They can stick their 3 “dots” on 3 different ideas or all on the same idea. They can mark their choices with whatever symbol they would like, but it can only be 1 character per “dot”.
4. After 5 minutes, all the dots on each idea are counted and the one with the most dots is the winner.
5. The students then form groups to debate why one idea was selected over the others and explain why this one was chosen.