Category: Realise
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is for students to ‘concretise’ their suggested solution by converting them into ‘steppingstones’.
1 day
10-40 student 2-15 groups
A virtual room Team/Zoom


1. The students form their respective project groups and are given a power point file with the slides having a stone as a watermark

2. The students must create concrete actions in order to complete their suggested solution. Each slide represents a steppingstone on their path: 1 action = 1 slide. The students should write down their names and dates on each slide.

3. The teacher should help the students consider the details of their steppingstones.

4. Each steppingstone should be as specific as possible. The following questions should be considered by the students:

a. What is it that we need to do and how?

b. Who will be participating?

c. When will we activate the elements in the process? What does our timeline look like?

d. Which contacts will be included? Who will do this and when?

e. Which resources does our suggested solution require? How do we acquire them?

5. The groups can work inside or outside of the virtual classroom.

6. The students ‘build’ their steppingstone path for their suggested solutions.

7. The groups meet after 1-2 hours and present their steppingstones to each other in the virtual room.


Students will use PP with each slide representing a stone. It is essential that the tasks are concrete
and that the students commit themselves to taking responsibility for their actions during the
process. Pictures of real stone can be put on the slides and used in the activity.