Category: Realise
Author: Anne-Merete Iversen, Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to make a plan for the realization of the prototype using practical creativity and innovative imagination.
1 day
10-40 students 3-15 groups
A virtual whiteboard and computer


1. The Project Groups, the students have been working in within the elements, should examine and analyze the feedback from the clients on the prototype before starting this activity. The Groups should make sure that they have all the information needed from the client to create a realistic plan for implementing the prototype.

2. The students study the client’s organization/enterprise and think about the following: In which departments, aspects or teams is the prototype to be implemented? What is at stake? Which are their routines? What will it take to ensure a successful realization of the prototype? Students should take notes (phone/computer) on their research.

3. The students now take a ‘trip’ to the future where the prototype has been realized. In pairs within the project group, the students play the role of interviewer and interviewee and answer the following questions: How does it look? What are the results? What positive changes have taken place? Students should take notes on the responses.

4. The students should make a Power Point. Each slide represents a steppingstone to the realization. The students should pretend to be ‘in future’ where the prototype is realized.

5. The students should now return to the present and think about the following questions: What will it take to come from the present to the future realization?

6. The students should look at each steppingstone (the slides) and discuss and decide what steps to take to realize the solution thinking about the following questions: What? Where? Who? How many? Students should write the answers on the respective slide.

7. The students get an overview of the slides and create a plan adding an appropriate heading for the client to follow.

8. The students send the plan to the client. They should request an acknowledgement email from the client to ensure that that the plan has been delivered to the correct person.