Station to Station

Category: Explore
Author: Calum Crosbie
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to formulate the challenge.
20 mins
Project Group
Whiteboard, learning resources pen & paper


  1. The teacher places resources about the company at ‘stations’ around the room.
  2. The students go round each station collecting information on the following:
    • the client’s/company’s profile
    • the target group for the prototype
    • possible resources/materials for the challenge
  3. Students post their research findings on post-its, whiteboard or Padlet.
  4. The students review the information and group it together on the whiteboard/Padlet.


This activity develops the students’ skills in filtering out unnecessary information and directing it to the challenge. It raises awareness for the need for a variety of different resources to complete the challenge which could stimulate innovative thoughts in the ideate and the realise phases of the projects.
The activity could be done using online tools such as Trello, virtual whiteboard and breakout rooms in Teams/Zoom.