Pressure Cooker

Category: Ideate
Author: Ilse Fraussen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is for the students to quickly generate ideas using their intuition.
30-60 min
10-40 students
A virtual whiteboard, breakout rooms


1. The teacher divides the class in random groups of 3-5 students by using:
2. The teacher outlines the task to the students.
a. The pressure cooker method links fast thinking, quick reactions and the students’ use of intuition. It requires the students to use their ‘gut feeling’ or intuition in creative thought-showering.
3. The teacher gives small tasks to the groups. All the tasks will generate answers to the same key question set by the challenge.
4. The students are given limited amounts of time to generate answers to the tasks.
5. Students can also change groups to increase the pressure.
6. The students then come together and share their conclusions with all the groups.
7. The students then together discuss the next steps of the challenge.


This activity uses the disadvantage of having limited time to create spontaneous reactions from
one’s feelings. It creates a lot of fun and curiosity and may encourage students to become part of
your ’task force’ to work on the next part of the process.