Pitching Game

Category: Realise
Author: Curtis R. Carlson, William W. Wilmot
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to strengthen the students’ competencies and experience in formulating their suggested solutions for a pitch.
30-60 min
10-40 students 5-15 groups
Whiteboard, PowerPoint and phone


1. The teacher asks the students and their groups to create their pitch based on the NABC (Need, Approach, Benefit and Competition) method. The pitch shouldn’t last for more than 4 minutes.

2. The students draw (on their phone/computer) up a concrete plan for their pitch.

3. The teacher encourages the students to think about the verbal and nonverbal communication aspects and what is possible, when it is online of the pitch and to take into account the limitation/possibilities of online presentation – their body language, tone, style of language (register) and the room in which they will pitch. If the students want to, they can also film their pitch to explore the unconscious elements of communication in order to determine how these may affect their audience.

4. The students select their approach to the pitch best fits their individual personalities.

5. The students present online their pitch to their group.

6. The group gives feedback to each of the students.

7. The students reflect on the feedback and incorporate ideas to improve their pitch.


*NABC - Need, Approach, Benefit and Competition is recommended as it focuses on the solution’s
value to customers/users. The pitch should include all 4 elements although the students do not need to follow them in any specific order.
• Need – Who needs the product?
• Approach – What is the solution about?
• Benefit – What are the concrete benefits of the solution?
• Competition – Who are the competitors?
This activity allows students to gain experience in offering feedback to fellow students and inreceiving feedback from external collaborators, teachers and fellow students. Students will reflect upon their body language, gestures, expressions, interactions and verbalisations in of the pitch.

For additional help on pitching go to: https://www.presencing.org/resource/tools