Picture Boost

Category: Ideate
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to stimulate innovation from picture cards to develop new ideas.
10-20 min.
10-50 students
A virtual whiteboard and virtual picture cards


1. The teacher demonstrates how to create an idea for solving the challenge by means of a virtual picture card.
2. The students are given a stack of virtual picture cards each. The cards should be shown “face down” on the virtual whiteboard so that the picture cannot be seen.
3. The students choose a card from their individual stacks and write down (phone/computer) the idea(s) the picture evokes in them. They should focus on one virtual picture card at a time. They should be allowed to spend some time considering how the picture may be related to the challenge.
4. A new card is chosen when the students cannot get more ideas from their current cards.
5. The class come back to the virtual room and discuss their ideas or alternatively upload 3 ideas from each student, and the class look at them


Virtual post-cards, a virtual memory game cards could also be used or click the link to find random
pictures to ideate from: https://randomwordgenerator.com/picture.php
The goal is to challenge the students to develop new ideas using immediate motivation and
inspiration from pictures. The pictures should surprise the students as this will hopefully challenge
their tendency to think in their usual patterns. They will then impulsively accept the first thought(s)
that come to mind and develop a link between this/these thought(s) and the challenge.