Pass it On

Category: Ideate
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is for the students to undertake idea generation by building upon others’ ideas.
10-20 min
10-50 students
A virtual whiteboard, breakout rooms


1. The participants are grouped into random groups of 3-5 per group by using or
2. Assign one of the group members to be timekeeper.
3. All group members write down their ideas for the solution to the challenge in a shared document.
4. The teacher asks them to pass their document to the person below them in the breakout room.
5. The students add to the new document they have been handed to develop the ideas that are listed.
6. The document should then be passed to the person below in the call once again.
7. The documents should be passed to all group members until the documents are returned to their original owners.
8. The teacher asks each student to read out their original idea and the additions which the other students have added.
9. When all the students have done this all the ideas are pooled and retained for future use.


The groups should have 3-5 members each, but you can include as many as 40 participants.