In my (Un)biased opinion

Category: Ideate
Author: Jonas Ørts Hansen
Facilited by the teacher
Get inputs to ideate new solutions from people that have no bias towards knowing or solving the challenge. This can help with finding solutions none of the group members would otherwise have thought of.
60 min
10-40 students 2-15 groups
9x9 grid, with clear 3x3 borders


1. Pair up project groups with different challenges, so that no pair have the same or similar challenges.
2. Have group 1 present their challenge, as simple as they can. They are not allowed to give any deeper context or any deep insight into the challenge. Just an outline of where the challenge is observed, and who it’s a problem to.
3. Group 2 comes up with ideas based solely from what they think they know about the challenge, they are not allowed to search for any information regarding the challenge, only come up with ideas based on their initial unbiased knowledge. All ideas are written down.
4. After 15-20minutes the groups switch so Group 2 presents the challenge, and group 1 come with their unbiased ideas.


To help the groups ideate when they have very little context, it can help them to use methods from
other activities. This could be activities like A.1 Party time, 3.1 Adapt-A-Role, and so forth.