Idea A-B-C

Category: Ideate
Author: Anni Stavnskaer Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to select ideas for development based on their feasibility for implementation.
20-30 mins
Groups of 2-40
Whiteboard, A3 paper, pen & post-its


1. The students divide their ideas for the solution into the categories A, B or C:
A. The idea is easy to implement.
B. An interesting idea wich requires more time to be implemented.
C. A radical idea which would be fantastic to implement but needs additional time to determine whether it is possible.
2. The timescale of the students’ current course/module will dictate which of the three categories the students will base and prioritise their ideas.
3. The students select the idea which they are most passionate about within the identified category.


Feasibility may be determined by constraints of time, resource constraints, lack of imagination, absence of creativity, lack of materials etc.

The activity could be done using online tools such as Padlet, virtual whiteboard and breakout rooms in Teams/Zoom.


Inspired by: Christian Byrge and Søren Hansen - The Creative Platform