Category: Evaluate
Author: Ann-Merete Iversen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to make a visual exploration of the dynamics of the challenge.
3-4 hours
10-40 students 2-15 groups
A virtual whiteboard


1. Students write the challenge in the middle of the shared whiteboard or padlet.

2. Students take turns to write/draw questions about the challenge e.g.

• What puzzles you?

• What questions ‘spring’ to mind? All students should contribute to the task.

3. Students write down all the questions as they appear on the virtual whiteboard. They should identify the following from the questions:

• What questions are significant?

• Are there patterns emerging?

• Is there any information missing?

4. Students decide on 3-8 questions that they agree on. These questions can be open ended or simple, factual or questions of a more ‘philosophical’ nature.

5. Students research the client’s webpage to ensure that the questions cannot be answered here.

6. Students forward the questions to the client for answers to help them proceed in their challenge.


During this activity, the students can see the process that results in complex questions emerging.