Formulation of a Challenge

Category: The Challenge
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to formulate the challenge so that it is easy to work with.
10-20 min
20-40 students
A virtual whiteboard and breakout room


1. The teacher and students create a challenge in a virtual whiteboard that must be:

  • concrete so that it is manageable to allow ideas to be generated for solutions.
  • in the form of an open-ended statement /question to allow it to be explored.
  • in a format that enables students or external collaborators to realize or act on in the future.

2. The teacher asks the students to write down (computer/paper) the following three questions to which they should refer to throughout the activity:

  • How do I/we/the organization create …
  • How do I/we/the organization get …?
  • How do I/we/the organization develop …?

3. The students write their month of birth in the chat, and are paired up in groups of five with the same month/or closets to

4. The students start working in their groups to formulate a challenge e.g. How do we create..?

5. The groups are paired together and present their ideas to each other. They give feedback to each other focusing on the 3 criteria above.

6. The students reflect on the feedback and ‘thought-shower’ to create their challenge.

7. The formulated challenges are shared on the virtual whiteboard, and the teacher or the students choose a challenge they want to work with in the 6 elements of the Digital Atom Model.


It is essential to have a clear formulation of the challenge in the core of the digital Atom Model since the content circles around that. The challenge should be visible throughout the entire process in the class and in the innovation process. You could ask the students to write it on paper, or you could share it on the virtual whiteboard if the class shares a challenge. If it is group-based challenges the groups can share it in their breakout rooms/Teams rooms.