Find your Challenge.

Category: The Challenge
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to identify the challenge.
10-20 min
20-40 students
A virtual whiteboard, pen, paper


1. The students pair up with someone who has the same shoe size as them (Get the participants to write their shoe size in the chat to match them up).

2. The students ask each other questions about challenges in their lives e.g. (They have 10 minutes to complete the task)

  • Things that they find annoying.
  • Getting up in the morning
  • Finding every item – socks, mobile etc.

3. The students are sent out in breakout rooms.

4. Students take turns to ask each other questions about things they find annoying. Students should take note (computer/paper/in the chat) of all their answers.

5. The students change partners by one staying in the breakout room, and one moving 1 room further and repeating the exercise again taking notes of all their answers.

6. The students review all their answers and write down the three things they find most annoying on the shared whiteboard and place all their comments on the virtual post-it wall.

7. The students review the comments and find the one thing they would be most happy to find a solution to.

8. All the students formulate a question for their challenge.


Depending if the teachers want the students to work in groups or as a class, the students can vote on how many questions/challenges they want to bring to the next phase.