Feedback Panel

Category: Evaluate
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is for students to implement feedback from external collaborators to their solutions.
20-30 min.
5-45 students 5-15 groups
A virtual room, Teams/Zoom


1. The teacher prepares the following for the task:

• An evaluation panel of external collaborators is created.

• The teacher outlines feedback criteria from the panel.

• Students are formed into their project groups that they formed around the challenge.

2. Each group presents their suggested solutions to the evaluation panel.

3. The evaluation panel gives feedback on the advantages and disadvantages of the solution. The following questions could also be used for feedback for the solution:

• Is it a radical innovation?

• Does it contribute to the notion of value creation?

• Does it contribute new and creative solutions to an existing product?

• Is it as innovative as other products available?

4. The groups ask the panel questions about the feedback and the panel states whether they will use the group’s solution or not.

5. The groups reflect on the feedback highlighting areas for improvement.

6. The groups discuss the action to solve any disadvantages or/and discuss the next steps for their idea to implement it.


The external panel should be comprised of members that have knowledge of the ‘solution’. The
feedback criteria could be widened to include considerations relating to time and the resources
needed for the solution to be produced.