Feedback and Evaluation from the external partners

Category: Evaluate
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is for students to receive feedback on their solutions from external partners.
30-60 min
5-50 students 1-20 groups
A virtual room, Teams/Zoom


1. The teacher organizes a virtual meeting with the external partners to receive feedback on their solutions. Alternatively, the group could make a video and send this to the partners.

2. The teacher and the group plan the content of the meeting by deciding on the format of the feedback:

• A feedback checklist could be created for the external partners to complete.

• Columns of ‘pros and cons’ could be created to note the feedback.

3. The external partners give their feedback to the group stating pros and cons for every solution the group created:

• The members of the evaluation panel may choose to give spontaneous feedback

• or the teacher may decide on the types of feedback and evaluation criteria which the external collaborators may use regarding the value the solution creates.

4. The external partners decide if they are going to implement the group’s ideas. They should give reasons for their decisions.

5. The group discusses the feedback and highlights areas of strength and weakness in their processes. They should examine the possibility of modifying and resubmitting their ideas to the external partners.


It is important that there is a high level of planning in this activity to ensure that the students
receive as much constructive feedback from the external partners as possible.