Extreme measures

Category: Ideate
Author: Jonas Ørts Hansen
Facilited by the teacher
Take already existing ideas the groups have, expanding them even further, both to find opportunities, but also to find flaws in the design, before committing to create a product.
60 min
10-40 students
9x9 grid, with clear 3x3 borders


1. Outline the proposition of testing and developing a products or service, that will be put into a real-world context.
2. Ask the students to write down of all the touchpoints (places, opportunities and more) of the end user with your product/service. This could e.g., be:
• Train stations
• Supermarket
• Online
• …
3. Give the students examples of ‘extreme measures’. This could be:
• Extreme heat, cold
• Heavy rain or fog
• Kids or elderly
• 100 times doubling in users or attendees,
• No users at all
• …
4. Have the students solve their problem on these extremes, both to see if they can find improvements, but also if they have an idea of the problems they might face regarding their solution.