Evaluate the opposition

Category: Evaluate
Author: Calum Crosbie
Facilited by the teacher
When different teams or individual students have been working on a challenge, the results are presented to and discussed with the different teams/students. Help everyone become a better analyst by fostering discussion and sharing opinions.
90 min.
10-40 students 2-15 groups
A virtual whiteboard and breakout room


1. Project group 1 first presents their solution in a shared virtual room to the other participants, followed by project group 3, 4,.

2. After all the teams have presented their work, open a breakout room per project group where the result of their work is shared (can be a power point presentation, a design of their prototype, a moodboard, …)

3. Divide the different groups to the different breakout rooms.

4. Provide each group with the work from another group or participant and have them analyze and discuss the work of the other groups. They add their critical remarks or findings on a virtual whiteboard in each of the breakout rooms.

5. After each group has evaluated the work of all the other groups and have added their remarks, start a group discussion on the remarks given. Repeat this process for every group. The original group which has been working on the solution can give feedback on the remarks. In that way, the group is given a chance to counter the remarks or to ameliorate the initial work.

6. After this, the groups can be given some extra team to adapt their original solution.


Using this activity, students learn to analyse and appreciate the work of others. By discussing all
given remarks with the whole group, the initial work can be validated and even ameliorated.


Inspired by: https://sessionlab.com