Digital Storytelling

Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to strengthen the belief among students those creative ideas may be developed through improvisation by using the phrase “Yes, and…”
10-20 min.
16-30 students
Padlet, a virtual whiteboard and breakout rooms in Teams/Zoom.


1. The teachers have paired up the students beforehand and share the list with names in the teams-room and ask the students to listen to the instructions and afterwards check in to the Teams room with their number. The teacher has premade digital rooms with numbers on them.

2. The teacher tells the students that they all start the story with “We went into the woods and then what happens? One in the pairs is responding to story with the phrase “Yes, and then what happens is…”. The teacher demonstrates this with a student. The recipient decides what the next step is in the story with the only limitation being the individual’s imagination. The pairs can choose if they will write the story down and do the exercise in writing or do it orally since both will help the purpose of the exercise.

3. The students take it in turns to continue the storytelling and take turns with continuing to tell the next step of the story until the 10 -20 minutes are up.

4. The teacher asks the students to reflect and discuss their experiences from this activity. For some, the imaginary aspect can be challenging. An exercise that encourages participants in saying “Yes, and…” while spontaneously coming up with an idea may be challenging. Therefore, the teacher can also emphasise that practising saying “Yes, and…” to what the other students offer and being positive towards one’s own ideas are essential skills especially when they must do this during the innovation process.


The storytelling can have other starting points depending on the situation. For example;” Once upon a time a princess was born, “ Once upon a time a dragon came in to a village “or something else. The important point here is the training of creativity of the students by saying “yes and..”. A skill that is important in the Ideation element of the Atom Model.