Conceptual Blending

Category: Ideate
Author: Ilse Fraussen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to create innovative ideas by making combinations.
20-30 min.
10-40 students 2-5 groups
A virtual whiteboard and pen, paper


1. The students write down the key word of the challenge in the middle of a piece of
paper/personal whiteboard.
2. The students write down the first words that come to their minds when they look at the keyword. They should identify several words to create a ‘word cloud’.
3. The students make links between all the words on their pages/whiteboard.
4. The students pick 2 words out of their ‘word cloud’ and combine them into 1 idea.
5. The students make a rough drawing of this idea and if necessary, add some explanation to it.
6. This process should be repeated with 2 other words.
7. The teacher discusses the ideas created with the groups.


The challenge should be as clear as possible for the students to understand.


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