Complete the Incomplete Figure Test

Author: Aleix Barrera, Diego Castro, David Rodriguez-Gomez
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to stimulate creativity.
20-30 min.
15-40 students
Virtual whiteboard, pen & paper


1. Each participant is asked to find a piece of paper, and something to write with.

2. Each participant is either given a simple drawing from a shared pool created preemptive or is asked to draw 3-4 lines randomly on the paper. The only restriction for the lines is that all lines must touch at least one other line.

3. The students must complete the figure and title it. They are given 5 minutes to complete this, where there are no rules for how or what to draw.

4. The teacher brings the students together on the virtual whiteboard. The students share their pictures with their cameras on and reflect on the imagery, implied narrative, humor or fantasy in their work.

5. The teacher brings the students together on the virtual whiteboard to discuss the outcomes of the activity.


Pictures maybe taken from the following website:


Inspired by: The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking: and