Build your own MVP

Category: Prototype
Author: Ilse Fraussen, Annelies Schrooten
Facilited by the teacher
Build your own & share
90 min.
10-40 students 5-15 groups
A virtual whiteboard and materials from surroundings


1. First discuss the final idea that came out of the ideation phase. What was the idea that they selected. What will the prototype roughly have to look like? Draw up together with the whole group a list of must-haves and nice-to- haves. Write or draw these on a virtual whiteboard.
2. Then everyone starts working individually for 20 minutes, imagining what according to them the prototype has to look like. Then they start collecting materials in their surroundings, drawing, crafting or building their ideal ‘prototype’ or MVP.
3. After 20 minutes everyone returns to the screen and in turn, every team member presents his or her prototype, explaining why they build it like that and what the specific characteristics are and what their function is; how will it work…
4. After everyone presented his or her MVP, the voting starts. Every team member has 5 stars to rate the different MVP’s. They can distribute the stars over different MVP’s or give one MVP all 5 stars.
5. The MVP with the most stars wins the competition
6. After that, a group discussion is started where every team member can argument what other details should be added to or removed from the final MVP.


By first building their own MVP every group member is engaged in the process. The final prototype
is the result of honest voting for the best solution and of a joint discussion on what is missing. In
this way, a more detailed prototype including the best suggestions from all team members will be
the result.