Blooming ideas

Category: Ideate
Author: Jonas Ørts Hansen
Facilited by the teacher
Draw upon brainstorming, in a structured way
60 min
10-40 students 3-15 groups
A virtual whiteboard, 9x9 grid, with clear 3x3 borders


1. The teacher creates random groups of 3-5 by using
2. Each group gets a paper/document with a 9×9 grid. Make sure each 3×3 grid is easily distinguishable, either by making a little room between each 3×3 grid, or by bolding the line between each 3×3 grid.
3. Get the students to write their main challenge in the central 3×3 grid (Row 5, column 5).
4. In the surrounding 8 cells the students have to put central key points about the challenge. This should be broader topics and not specific ideas. In the central box it’s important to be bold, and none-judgmental regarding ideas.
5. Put the answers from step 3 into the centre of each of the remaining 3×3 grid. So that R4C4 (A) is put into R2C2, R4C5 → R2C5, and so forth. (See illustration for clarification.)
6. Have the students generate ideas surrounding each new box, with the now, new central topic for each 3×3 grid. They are allowed to be more specific in this step.


Draw upon different idea generating methods in the first generation of ideas (Step 3). This could be
activities like A.1 Party time, 3.1 Adapt-A-Role, and so forth.