Alternative Presentation

Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to train the students’ associative competencies by asking them to present themselves in a different way from that which they are used to. Open the students’ minds to different stimuli and train the students in saying “yes and…”. A skill that is important in the Ideation element of the Atom Model.
5-10 min.
2-40 students.
One object from near vicinity Padlet, virtual whiteboard and breakout rooms


1. Each participant finds an object in their near vicinity to use for the task (Give them 30sec-1min to collect the object). It is important that it is not told to the participants what the object is for, just that they will need it.

2. The teacher demonstrates how to present oneself based on the object they have chosen.

3. With up to 10 participants the presentation can be done collectively, with +10 participants they are divided into groups of up to 5 per group per breakout rooms.

4. The students are given 2-3 minutes to present themselves based on the object they have chosen. This might include name, what they study, and what their hope to get out of the course, and how their chosen object reflects that.

5. The student must listen attentively to their partner.

6. The teacher asks the students to reflect and discuss “How it felt presenting oneself in this alternative way and if they told their partners something different from that which they usually told others about themselves”.


This activity can be used as warm-up for the association exercises that are a part of the solution of the Challenge in the ideation element of the Atom Model. Smaller groups should be used when doing this activity online to avoid students having to wait a long time to present themselves.