Category: Ideate
Author: Aleix Barrera, Diego Castro, David Rodriguez-Gomez
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to promote the ability to empathize with users or recipients.
30-60 min
10-45 students
A virtual whiteboard


1. The students are asked to pick any superhero, comic character, celebrity, scientists, famous athlete etc. They are not told the reason for this beforehand. Ask them to write down their chosen character in the chat or on the virtual whiteboard, so it is visible for the class.
2. The teacher outlines the task to the students:
a. As Polman and Emich (2011) state, decisions made by others are more creative than decisions made by ourselves.
b. This activity, developed by Gumula (2020), proposes a brief exercise before the typical ‘adapt-a-role’ technique used in the ideation phase of Design Thinking.
3. The students imagine their persona solving the issue, problem or task and take notes of any important information or steps identified.
4. The students then solve the challenge with the character they have chosen.
5. The teacher discusses this approach to solving challenges with the students.


Inspired by: Gumula, J. (2020). Creativity training in organizations: a ready-to-implement concept.
Gruppe. Interaktion. Organisation. ZeitschriftfürAngewandteOrganisationspsychologie (GIO), 51, 95-
Polman, E., &Emich, K. J. (2011). Decisions for others are more creative than decisions for the self.
Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, 37 (4) pp. 492-5601.