Target Group Interview

Category: Explore
Author: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the challenge and the target group.
30-60 min
5-50 students 1-15 groups
Virtual whiteboard, voice recorder, pen & post-its


1. The students identify suitable candidates for interview by thinking about the following:
A. Who can provide valuable information about the challenge?
B. Who can provide background for the challenge?
C. Who can provide a deeper understanding of the challenge?
2. The teacher aids the students in creating an interview guide, making sure that the student focuses on getting relevant information from the candidates.
3. The students make an appointment for a digital meeting with the focus-person.
4. The students complete the interviews using the interview guide.
5. The students analyze the interviews and identify the relevant information for the challenge and post it on the virtual whiteboard.
6. The teacher aids the students in reviewing the challenge and discussing what knowledge they have acquired from the interviews.
7. The students then decide whether to adjust the challenge.


This activity gives students insight into the target group by identifying candidates for interview and
by creating relevant questions. It also supports the development of the students’ methodology and
analytical skills.


Inspired by: Simon Sinek: