Application Cards

Category: Analyse
Author: Calum Crosbie
Facilited by the teacher
The aim is to develop the skills to identify relevant pieces of information.
30-60 mins
Groups of 4-5
Whiteboard, pen, paper, card & post-its


  1. The students form groups of 4-5.
  2. The teacher creates cards each with one heading from the Post-it Parade Explore stage on it and gives one to each group. The groups form a circle.
  3. The card is passed around the circle with each student writing down at least one way in which the heading on their card be can be applied to the challenge.
  4. When all the students have added comments to their cards, they are then placed on the ‘idea wall’ for all the students to view.
  5. A class discussion should then take place which identifies the key ways that all the headings can be applied to the challenge.
  6. Students should then create a diagram clearly showing how all the ideas are applied to the challenge.


This activity should build on the information gathered during the Explore stage and will allow students to learn from others in the group and build on their ideas. This will create a group consensus about the information.
Students’ understanding of the task will improve as they will be engaged in pairing research work to the challenge, and will allow for the creation and gathering of innovative ideas/insight about the task e.g. client/target audience.

The activity could be done using online tools such as Padlet, virtual whiteboard and breakout rooms in Teams/Zoom.